Welcome to Coraggio Cane Corsos, located in Columbus, Ohio. We are breeders of the highly valued companion, guardian and hunter, Cane Corso. We have over 10 years of experience working with and breeding them.

How are we different from other breeders? We pursue excellence in our breeding program. We equally pursue customer satisfaction. All of our puppies and services are backed by a money back guarantee and with every purchase you will also receive lifetime support. Our initial provision of service is just the beginning of a lifetime relationship. As our puppies and dogs provide you with a lifetime of protection and companionship, we will provide you with quality and customer satisfaction. For more information about our high breeding standards, please visit Our Dogs page.

Are you interested in purchasing a Cane Corso of your own? Do you have questions? Not sure if this is the right dog for you? Contact us and we will be happy to share our experience and thoughts on Cane Corso ownership and walk you through the process of owning your very own.

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